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Introducing the Newest Frogman Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture

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Frogman respectfully welcomes “Namaste” to the collection.

This most spiritual form is enhanced by a randomly patterned ocean blue and fern green pastel patina. Greetings, Namaste – welcome to the pond!

You can now purchase Frogman sculptures at Key West Gallery packs, ships and insures most artwork free of charge within the United States with international shipping also available.

4.50″ x 2.75″ x 2.50″
Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture with Patina Finish, Edition of 500

Hemingway Days 2016 & Paintings by Bill Mack

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KEY WEST, Florida Keys — Whether composing novels in his Whitehead Street writing studio or fishing for big game in local waters, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ernest Hemingway left a powerful legacy in Key West. His zest for life, literary accomplishments and enduring affection for the island he called home throughout the 1930s are to be commemorated Tuesday through Sunday, July 19-24, 2016, during the annual Hemingway Days celebration.

Hemingway Days, Key West Charlie Boice beams after winning the 2015 “Papa” Hemingway Look-Alike Contest Saturday, July 25, 2015, at Sloppy Joe’s Bar in Key West, Fla. Boice finally won the contest after 15 attempts, beating out 121 other entrants following two preliminary rounds, semi-finals and two final rounds. The competition was a facet of the subtropical island’s annual Hemingway Days festival that ended Sunday, July 26, 2015. Ernest Hemingway lived and wrote in Key West throughout the 1930s.

Scheduled events include a look-alike contest for stocky white-bearded men resembling Hemingway, readings and book signings, an awards ceremony for the renowned literary competition directed by author and Hemingway granddaughter Lorian Hemingway, a commemoration of the 117th anniversary of Ernest’s July 21 birth, a museum exhibit of rare Hemingway memorabilia, a zany “Running of the Bulls” and a three-day marlin tournament recalling Hemingway’s devotion to the deep-sea sport.

During his Key West residence, Ernest Hemingway wrote some of his most enduring works and spent his leisure hours fishing and socializing with local and literary cohorts. Each year, fans of his writing and exuberant lifestyle come together for Hemingway Days.

Below is an original painting of Ernest Hemingway by Bill Mack. It is painted on a metal panel from the original Hollywood Sign, the holes were for wind ventilation. The letter in the lower right corner is an authentic document hand-typed by Hemingway himself with his handwritten notes in the margin. The artwork comes with all proper documentation. Stop by Key West Gallery 601 Duval Street, Key West, FL 33040 and see this masterpiece in person.
Hemingway Days, Ernest hemingway, Bill Mack

This is a Hemingway Limited Edition Giclee on canvas. This original was an oil painting on canvas. The quote reads: “Somebody just back of you while you are fishing is as bad as someone looking over your shoulder while you write a letter to your girl.” Also on display at Key West Gallery, 601 Duval Street, Key West, FL 33040.
Ernest Hemingway, Hemingway, Bill Mack

Gary Welton Commissioned by New Vikings Stadium

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Gary Welton has just completed and delivered 65 original commission paintings which will be a permanent fixture in the new Viking’s Stadium. Out of the artists selected, Welton was asked to create the most new paintings for the new state-of-the-art facility, the largest of which is 35 feet in length. These new paintings will be seen by millions of people annually attending Vikings games, concerts and other events in the new multi-billion dollar space and will increase his exposure as an artist tremendously.

Gary Welton made the paper he used in the Vikings commission paintings by hand. As Welton’s flagship gallery we are happy to announce that he has made the remaining pieces of hand made paper available for original commissioned football paintings for our collectors. There were originally 20 pieces remaining and 2 commissions sold the first day the project was announced, leaving 18 pieces available for original commissions. Your original painting will look similar to the images below, but in the team colors of your choosing. You can pick your favorite team and your rival team and Welton will paint a custom piece for you. This is a perfect piece to show off on Saturdays and Sundays when friends and family are over enjoying the game! Purchase the complimentary commission pieces “Offensive” or “Defensive” separately or together to complete the set. Email, or call 305-292-9339 for pricing and details.

Commission Available in Your Team Colors-“Offensive”
Gary Welton, Vikings Stadium, Vikings, Commission Painting

Commission Available in Your Team Colors-“Defensive”
welton commission, defensive, welton, gary welton

See Welton’s paintings, along with the other artists’ work, as part of the Viking’s Artist Collection video.

Vikings Artist Collection from U.S. Bank Stadium on Vimeo.

Complimentary Shipping and Interest Free Collector’s Program

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Collector’s Program
Key West Gallery is pleased to present to all clients living in the United States with a valid drivers license the Collector’s Program. It is available through Wells Fargo and Key West Gallery. The program itself lets clients purchase art up on a zero percent interest deferred payment plan. The program is available for a period of six months or twelve months. There is no down payment necessary and the entire length of the program there is no interest as long as the monthly payments are made on time. Please email us at for an application or call 305-292-9339. Applications will be pre-approved and then original signatures are also required.

Complimentary Shipping
Key West Gallery packages, ships and insures most art purchased at our retail location as well as on complimentary. We ship using Fed-ex and we insure with Fed-ex as well.
For all art being shipped abroad please inquire about shipping rates.

Bill Mack’s Hollywood Sign Project Nearing the End

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Hollywood Sign, Bill Mack

Bill Mack’s Hollywood Sign Project, Click to Play Video


 The Original Hollywood Sign was built in 1923 on Mount Lee. Over its lifespan, the sign became a pop culture icon, and a symbol for the entire entertainment industry. The original sign, the one that was seen by celebrated stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood, has rested quietly in a storage facility since it was taken down and replaced in 1978.

When the opportunity to buy this American Icon became available, Bill Mack jumped at the chance. After buying the sign, Mack stated that, The Hollywood Sign is among the most famous structures in the World, and I will give the World a whole new way to look at it.

Mack is a contemporary artist best known for his life-like relief sculptures. He is regarded as the finest relief sculptor in the World today. He also is a highly skilled two-dimensional artist in the Romantic Realism genre, creating world-class drawings and paintings of the human form as studies for each of the reliefs he creates.

Mack is an avid collector of art, historical letters and documents, and Hollywood memorabilia. His appreciation of both art and entertainment artifacts inspired Mack to acquire the sign. Mack will use the façade of the original Hollywood Sign as a canvas to create portraits of illustrious Movie Star from the Golden Age of Hollywood. According to Mack the 80-year-old material gives each painting a heartbeat, a sense pf the time and place where Hollywood Legends first stood atop Mount Lee next to the very sign on which their images have been painted.

The Hollywood Sign symbolizes fame, fortune and glamour, unlike any other image in the World. The Hollywood Sign is Hollywood. According to its former owner, producer, Dan Bliss, unless the Eiffel Tower and/or Statue of Liberty are put up for sale, this was the last chance to own one  of the World’s most famous structures. Artist Bill Mack took that chance and he now owns entertainment’s most famous icon, the Original Hollywood Sign. The image of Hollywoods first blonde star, silent film legend, Jean Harlow, is the first in a series of original mixed media paintings with the likeliness of film immortal emblazed on sections of the Original Hollywood Sign.


In 1923, a prominent group of investors prepared to develop a residential neighborhood called Hollywoodland. Among the investors were Los Angeles Times publisher Harry Chandler and movie director Mack Sennett. To promote the development, Chandler hired contractor George Roche to build the world’s largest sign. The letters of the sign spelled “HOLLYWOODLAND”. The sign was built with telephone poles and barn roofing at a cost of $21,000.00. Holes were punched through the sign to help relieve stress caused by wind. Although it was intended to last for only two years, the sign survived to become a beloved part of American History.

In 1949, the City of Los Angeles entered into a maintenance agreement with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to preserve the sign. The last four letters were removed, and, for the first time, the sign simply spelled “HOLLYWOOD”.

The entertainment industry expanded dramatically throughout the 1950’s & 1960’s. During this period, the Hollywood sign became internationally recognized through its exposure in films, television, commercials, and the media. The sign’s prominence and historical significance led the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Board to designate the Hollywood sign as a landmark in 1973. It was labeled as Cultural Historical Monument #111 by the Board.

During the 1970’s, the Hollywood sign deteriorated badly. By 1978, the third O had fallen over, and the sign could no longer be repaired. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce launched the “Save the Sign” campaign with the help of several celebrities. Nine donors each sponsored a new letter to cover the cost of rebuilding the sign. The donors included Hugh Hefner, Gene Autry, Andy Williams, Alice Cooper and others. Over $250,000.00 was raised. Interestingly, Alice Cooper made his contribution in honor of Groucho Marx.

Hal Brown Jr., of the Pacific Outdoor Advertising Company, was contracted to rebuild the sign. The Hollywood sign was very personal to Brown because his uncle, George Roche, had built the original sign in 1923. Brown hired Cornelius Van Dam as the engineer responsible for designing the new Hollywood sign. Van Dam designed the new sign with a more durable structure, but the same dimensions as the original. The plans were approved by the City of Los Angeles, the Cultural Heritage Board, and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. The original, legendary Hollywood sign was taken down and construction of the replica sign began in August 1978. The new sign was unveiled in November 1978.

The original Hollywood sign was placed in a storage facility after it was taken down. No one was aware that the company hired to remove the sign had understood its historical significance and elected to store it rather than dispose of it as was planned. The sign remained in storage until it was purchased by noted collector of rare and unusual memorabilia, and renowned artist, Bill Mack in 2007. The artist intends to use the metal facing from the sign as canvas on which he will paint the likenesses of the great “movie stars” from the Golden Years of Hollywood. It is this metal that was revered by all the young actors and actresses that climbed Mount Lee to touch it and have pictures taken with it for luck, and as a right of passage into their new professions. And, it is this metal that will bring life to the legendary images that Bill Mack paints on it.

10th Anniversary Sale

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We are excited to celebrate Key West Gallery’s 10th Anniversary with our clients who have also become friends over the years.
Too often loyalty goes unnoticed and we would like to share this celebration with you and thank you for your support. We will be offering anniversary special pricing on new artwork purchases on a variety of works by our most sought-after artists during July 2016. You will find images and details as you scroll down through this email.
We will be sending a complimentary gift with each purchase made in July to honor this milestone.
We are also introducing our brand new website which will be continually updated with more artists and artwork over the weeks and months to come so check back often. If you do not see an artist or the artwork you are searching for, or need a particular size you do not see, simply email us with your inquiry at or call 305-292-9339.
Thank you again for your support and loyalty, we look forward to celebrating in person on your next trip to Key West.
Anniversary Special Pricing
15% Off Bill Mack Artwork
20% Off Alexei Butirksiy Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas
10% Off Peter Max Paintings
20% Off Javier Original Paintings
20% Off Mario Original Paintings
20% Off Maya Eventov Original Paintings
20% Off Eric Christensen Limited Edition Giclees
20% Off Boucher Originals
20% off Guyton Originals
20% Off DeRubeis Artwork
20% Off Munier Original Paintings

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