D. Arthur

Ancient Wisdom (1/50)
Limited Edition
48 x 16 in (121.92 x 40.64 cm)
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A Note From the Artist About This Artwork: Upon my arrival, landing on a very remote dirt runway at the northern edge of the Okavango Delta in Chobe National Park in Botswana Africa, I was greeted by an overwhelmingly huge herd of African Elephants, nearly five hundred in all. And there also, with a broad white smile, sat my guide for the next week, waving us over and warmly welcoming us as we climbed into his open aired Range Rover. It was going to be a forty-five minute ride through brush and a wall of five hundred thirsty elephants to make it to the Linyanti River Camp Safari Lodge before sundown. It was at the height of the dry season and elephants were coming from as far as four hundred miles away to the last remaining water available. As they would get within a mile or so, it was obvious they could smell the water and I had the unique privilege to witness them joyously use what remaining energy they had to run full speed in a thunderous cloud of dust, to finally plunge head first into the cool, life giving, marsh waters of the Linyanti River. It was a awe inspiring sight. With so many elephants concentrated into one area and many with babies in tow, the driver said, “Hold on tight, it’s gonna be a very bumpy ride! We can’t slow down or we will get trampled.” And hold on we did as we four wheeled it through the desert brush at forty miles per hour, honking, bouncing, and dodging. It was here, I managed to get a great photo of the charging bull elephant that would later inspire my painting, “Ancient Wisdom”. It simply amazes me, the intelligence these magnificent creatures possess. Generation to generation, they pass on their knowledge. Where the food will be, the salt, when is the time to move on and exactly where the herd must venture to find the ever drying up water holes during the dry season. There is a knowing beyond our vision, beyond our senses, a communication so complete, it governs every creature without effort and yet remains illusive and hidden to most of mankind. Nature offers up her knowledge to those who have the Heart to listen. D. Arthur
Ancient Wisdom by D. Arthur