Alvar Suñol

Blau, Rosa, Cubista , 2018
Oil on Board with Drawing
20 x 28 in (50.80 x 71.12 cm)
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The title translates to "Blue, Rose, Cubism" and refers to the large capacity and creativity of the artistic genius of Pablo Picasso. These three words refer to a few of the different artistic periods of Picasso's career. In the top center, a work of Picasso's Blue Period Femme a l'eventail (Lady with Fan)(Paris, 1905) is shown. In the center is the Gran nu debout of the Rose Period, painted in Gosol 1906. Next to the Rose Period work is one of Picasso's Cubist works painted in 1913. In order to enhance praise of Picasso's artistic dexterity, Alvar creates his own piece to emphasize the red and blue colors within the scene, as if to layer importance of these colors and of these experimental time periods. Alvar's figures also contribute to his homage. The figure on the left drawn in pencil is a figure encompassing human creativity and the desire to make art. Alvar's figures are surrounded by nature, which symbolizes the creativity nature of the great Picasso.
Blau, Rosa, Cubista by Alvar Suñol