Thomas Arvid

Let's Get Lost (0/85)
Hand Embellished Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas
43 x 29 in (109.22 x 73.66 cm)
Edition of 95. DESCRIPTION An abandoned bottle of champagne and two half-empty glasses hint at an interrupted celebration, allowing the viewer to substitute his own interpretation or memory of a special occasion. In “Let’s Get Lost,” Thomas Arvid recalls the classic jazz tune that describes the unconventional behavior of a couple in love. With his equally unconventional subject of effervescent white wine, we fall in love with Arvid all over again. Thomas Arvid’s breathtaking paintings of wine serve as a commentary on how we drink wine today. Gone are the stuffy and formal affectations of yesteryear. In their place, Arvid shows the casual and gracious role that wine plays in our lives. Through Arvid’s eyes we are reminded that wine is indeed a luxury for everyday living.
Let's Get Lost by Thomas Arvid