Thomas Arvid

Life's Pleasures (0/75)
Hand- Embellished Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas
32 x 42.50 in (81.28 x 107.95 cm)
Description Nothing brings people together quite like great wine and great art. Unique to this piece, Arvid displays an array of select French luxuries. From the bubbles in the champagne to the reflections on the decanter, the impeccable detail and perfect balance of space bring incredible depth to the piece. “Life’s Pleasures” depicts an evening of enjoying the finer things in life surrounded by friends and family. After meeting Thomas, the collector of “Life’s Pleasures” would not accept the piece without first meeting the whole Arvid family. This gave Arvid the unique opportunity to make the delivery into a family affair. The two families enjoyed getting to know each other on a trip that paralleled the piece itself. Arvid makes happiness a priority by balancing his work and his personal pl32 x 42 ½ inches Edition size: 195 Plus 75 Artist Proofs All signed and numbered by the artisteasures every day, making him and his art a pleasure to all who encounter them. C’est la vie!
Life's Pleasures by Thomas Arvid