Deb Mack

"Love, Happiness, Hope" - Dove Collection (Edition ), 2019
Bonded Stainless Steel Sculptures, (1) 22.5h x 7w (1) 18h x 5.25 (1) 15h x 5w
22.50 x 7 in (57.15 x 17.78 cm)
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Love, Happiness, Hope. Available in cold cast bronze and cold cast stainless steel, Deb Mack's Dove Collection is a blend of modern with organic and is aesthetically pleasing in any setting. Designed with a creative spirit, Love, Happiness & Hope are timeless pieces that you will forever cherish. 3 sculptures 22.5"h x 7"w 18"h x 5.25"w 15"h x " 5"w Not Sold Separately.
"Love, Happiness, Hope" - Dove Collection by Deb Mack