Thomas Arvid

Peaceful Reflections (0/195)
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas
43 x 16.75 in (109.22 x 42.54 cm)
Edition of 195. Pricing is for the artwork only as a flat canvas. Please inquire about pricing to gallery wrap or frame. With “Peaceful Reflections,” Thomas Arvid not only creates the reflections in the bottle and the clarity of the glass in exquisite detail, he also flawlessly captures the soft, beautiful light. Like the Dutch Masters that Arvid so admires, his scene is not just enhanced by the light: we can actually feel the light in this painting the same way that we can feel the coolness of the bottles and hear the crystal bell of the glass. “Peaceful Reflections” offers us an array of warmth and softness, where even the wood takes on a tactile smoothness. That “Peaceful Reflections” is reflective of the soft, rolling hills of Oregon wine country is no surprise to Arvid fans. Not only does Arvid put hundreds of hours into each painting, he also brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each one. Travelling extensively through the wine countries of the world, Arvid recognizes that each has its own beauty and personality. Bringing that to “Peaceful Reflections,” he transports us to a quiet and slow moving place, where nothing is rushed and every detail is observed, much like it is in Arvid’s studio.
Peaceful Reflections by Thomas Arvid

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