Thomas Arvid

With Pride (0/135)
Hand Embellished Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas
31 x 31 in (78.74 x 78.74 cm)
Edition of 135. DESCRIPTION The bold intensity of Arvid’s work is often referred to as monumental, larger than life and distinctly American. “With Pride” commemorates some of Napa Valley’s finest wines, aptly portrayed in rich detail at the final moment of consumption. The reflection of the empty bottles and wine-soaked stains on the upturned corks suggest an evening well spent. Whether on the road at an Arvid show or comfortably situated at home, Thomas takes great pride in his role as host to a myriad of family, friends and staff members who frequently drop by to share a glass of wine with the artist. Arvid believes that the best bottle is the one that is shared and always takes pleasure in surprising the crowd with a special find.
With Pride by Thomas Arvid