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Article and History on Hu Jundi published in the Autumn Salon

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Autumn Salon Article and History of Hu Jundi

A very well composed article and history on Hu Jundi was published yesterday in the Autumn Salon yesterday on Hu Jundi that gives great insight on this artist.
They reached out to the artist to ask permission to publish this article based on the allure, depth and unique style of Master Hu Jundi.

Where to Find Hu Jundi Artwork

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There are excerpts from this article here, with a link to the complete article near the bottom.  
This is Daydream by the Lotus, it is by artist Hu Jun Di whom this article is about. This piece of artwork is available at Key West Gallery and sells for $4,995. You can order it buy calling 305-292-9339.
ften depicting elegant and serene women in traditional Chinese dress, Hu Jundi’s subjects are composed in soft and subtle colors, held within an atmosphere of warmth and wetness that evokes the natural landscape of his native Sichuan. Appearing pure, gentle, and kind, they bear all the traits and virtues of the classical Chinese woman.
Such details are natural reflections of the world in which Hu works and lives… yet the source of their creative expression ultimately lies deeper within Hu himself—rather than using live models, he paints his characters directly from his own mind; searching for a poignant memory of someone in his life, and translating this inner vision onto the canvas.
This ability to capture the living energy of a moment –the essence of Chinese painting skill– combined with Hu’s deep knowledge of both Eastern and Western artistic traditions, is the culmination of the unique and compelling journey of an artist who has, in spite of the social and cultural pressures of the world around him, found a way to invoke and express an ineffable, almost mystical realm of beauty that lies beyond the limits of place and time. …


For me painting is a very personal way to share the subjects of my imagination. When I was young, my mother would always recount beautiful tales and stories to me, and eventually this imaginal world found its way into my everyday life; so when I would look at something such as the moon, I wouldn’t see just the moon, but the story of ‘the goddess and the moon’. In this way I feel my mother was my biggest childhood influence because she inspired me through these stories, which later helped me develop the ability to trust my own imagination, and paint without models or photographs. The subjects of my paintings are often women, because I think they are God’s most beautiful creation, and greatest mystery! I’ve also been influenced by the great literature of the world. In my early twenties at university I read a lot of books on Western philosophy, religion, and ethics, and feel this type of knowledge serves as a great resource to cultivate self knowledge and harmony in one’s life. Through these studies I was particularly inspired by the idea of how one can seek out and express their own individual voice through their art. In my late twenties I then began to read the poetry and literature of the East, and discovered I had a deep spiritual bond with these works and what they communicated to me. I find that traditional Chinese poetry and music provide me with a refuge from the pressures and corruption of everyday life… as someone once said, ‘to read poetry is like being in love, and I don’t want to be separated from it for a moment.’ So ultimately it’s poetry, literature and history that give me the deepest insights into the nature of humankind, and serve as the main sources of inspiration in my work.

For the complete article visit their website


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