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Steven Quartly Debut Art Show at Key West Gallery

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Steven Quartly at Key West Gallery

Nov 1 – 3

Join us this weekend us as we welcome world-renowned artist Steven Quartly for the first time at Key West Gallery.

From his studio in Southern California creates oils on canvas, specializing in Contemporary Impressionism. Quartly’s dedication to painting the world he sees, has contributed to his vibrant works. A plain white canvas becomes a beautiful European city scene, a Mediterranean seascape or a warm California Landscape.

RSVP 305-292-9339 or

RSVP: Commissions of Your Pets Available & November Meet D. Arthur and Lisa Wilson in Key West

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November 29 – December 1

Join us for Thanksgiving Weekend in Key West

Explore the Wild Expressionist Artwork of D. Arthur

Explore the Abstract Expressionist Artwork of Lisa Wilson

In Time for the Holidays

D. Arthur is scheduling a limited number of original portrait paintings of your fur babies based on your own photograph.
Call or email for details and to reserve your commission space now.
Limited Spaces Available • 305-292-9339

Today’s Show LUIS SOTTIL

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11am – 4pm and 7-11pm Meet the Artist
Art Mixology hosted by Sottil at 8pm

If you cannot make the show email for pricing, availability and show specials.

Come join us for our most remarkably uncommon experience.

Meet artist Luis Sottil who will be taking a color from his compositions and using it as an ingredient for a cocktail creation of his own.

This original idea is an opportunity to not only view a work of art but also smell it, touch it, and taste it. 
It is art through all five senses simultaneously – unlike anything you had experienced before.

About the artist:
His works form part of over 3000 private and corporate collections around the globe, including two that make the list of the world’s top five: the King Fahd’s Royal Palace collection of Saudi Arabia and the Tupperware corporate art collection, in Orlando Florida.

Sottil’s Naturalismo paintings renew and restore our enthusiasm for living in that you cannot only view them, but you can smell and taste nature’s mesmerizing beauty, simultaneously. They celebrate the human spirit of all things that excite and enchant.

Sottil was recently appointed as the Minister of Arts and Culture for his home state of Tamaulipas, Mexico and is looking forward to using his artistic skills and knowledge to make a difference within the community.

Meet Adam Scott Rote This Weekend at Key West Gallery

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The Summer of Love celebration continues this weekend in Key West with Adam Scott Rote presenting his newest collection of paintings at 601 Duval Street. Commission work is also available.

New Sculptures Available Now by Jose Munoz

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Jose’s passion for sculpting started as a young boy when he would use the extra dough from his mother’s cooking to sculpt. He also loved to run outside when it was raining to make the mud, his “clay”, into animal figures and play with them until they became too dry and crumbled. Although he had no formal training, he has been drawn to sculpting because of his inner need to create.

He followed his passion for art while workign at a Fine Art Foundry where he continued to hone is artistic skills. He was inspired while working with many talented artists. “I love the feelings of freedom and joy that I get during the process and completion of a hummingbird sculpture.”

Meet Tripp Harrison This Weekend at Key West Gallery

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JULY 19-21, 2019

601 Duval Street, Key West, FL 33040

Hemingway Days in Key West provide the perfect opportunity to meet and artist who is very connected to the history of the Hemingway home. Meet the artist Tripp Harrison, watch him paint in the gallery and view the largest collection of his originals available for purchase into your private collection.

Special Pricing is available now leading up to the show.

Visit Key West Gallery at 601 Duval Street this weekend and watch artist Tripp Harrison painting his newest original oil painting July 19-21.

Tripp Harrison was raised in South Florida and there developed a love for the tropical beauty of warm climates. At the age of nineteen, while attending business school in Atlanta, he discovered a passion for painting and began to pursue it as a career. The paintings by Tripp Harrison reflect a quality of peacefulness. Working diligently, he developed a style that conveyed a kind of serenity that would become his signature in artwork.

Introduced to the Bahamas in the eighties, his work began to incorporate the lush tropical foliage and the brightly colored houses dotting the landscapes of places such as Hope Town, Harbour Island and Man-O-War Cay. Tripp quite simply fell in love with the Bahamas. Like many others attracted to tropical areas, Tripp senses a calmness about the islands that calls him back time and again to gather new subject matter.

The quality of artwork by Tripp Harrison is unfailing. Coupled with his creative ability to capture the beauty and the romance of nature, Tripp has demonstrated a relentless pursuit for excellence in everything he has attempted. His work reflects an extraordinary power of observation. The subtlest nuances of light and color are captured on canvas by an analytical eye and sensitive imagination. Tripp’s love and talent for art was kindled in his early teens by his beloved grandfather, Frank Tarlowski, who emigrated from Europe to become a noted American artist. Tripp’s study of the life and work of Andrew Wyeth has also been a strong influence. Tripp credits hard work and perseverance for his abilities but also a keen eye and a constant study of things around him.


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New Frogman Bronze Sculpture

17.5″ x 7.5″ x 7″

Edition of 350

$1,360 USD

As a multi-toned butterfly hovers atop a body of water, a sprightly, green frog executes a flawless landing, disrupting the tranquility of the scene. Splashdown, Tim Cotterill’s newest release, portrays, with clarity, the delicate balance of nature.


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View all of his paintings available now at Key West Gallery

Born on June 5, 1950, Arcade Latour discovered inks from an early age and held a first exhibition in 1965. His passion for communication and creative expression led him to graphic arts, technical design and publishing.

In 1984, he was selected to design the Popemobile for pope John Paul II’s visit to Canada.

In this digital age and era of virtual reality, artist Arcade Latour offers intriguing works of intense colour created through the use of the age-old medium that is printer’s ink. Latour discovered this medium and its potential while still a teenager. Fascinated by the intensity of the colours and the density of its texture, he made it his passion to explore and master its possibilities.

An accomplished graphic artist, Arcade Latour lays on canvas an entire universe of forms and colours that eventually gain a raised texture and relief.

His paintings, initially perceived as a comprehensive and captivating ensemble, soon reveal projections and ledges that unveil fascinating details.


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Edition Size 500


4″ L x 4″ W x 4″ H

New to the nest, Bentley, clearly immersed in thought, gazes inquisitively at her new surroundings.
Sporting a lightly patterned, subtle-toned patina, Bentley is the ideal companion to her predecessor, Chester. Welcome to Tim Cotterill’s Parliament, Bentley!

New Releases by Bill Mack

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Don’t miss out on this introductory pricing, available for a limited time only.

Call 305-292-9339 or email to place an order, or for more information.

NEW- Lustrous
Bonded Stainless Steel
33″h x 60″w Framed Dimensions
Introductory price: $5,500
Includes: Framing, crating, shipping and insurance in USA.
NEW- Whisper Bas Relief
Bonded Stainless Steel
23″h x 21.5″w Framed Dimensions
Includes: Framing, crating, shipping and insurance in USA.
Bonded Natural Sand
23″h x 20″w Framed Dimensions
Introductory price: $7,100
Includes: Framing, crating, shipping and insurance in USA.
NEW-Allure Relief
Bonded Stainless Steel
34.5″h x 28.5″w Framed Dimensions
Includes: Framing, crating, shipping and insurance in USA.

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