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Frogman Artist Appearances in Key West and Two New Sculpture Releases: Spot On & Napoleon

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Tim Cotterill
at Key West Gallery
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Tim Cotterill, known as The Frogman, has become the most collected bronze artist in the world today with his elegant, stylized, whimsical bronze frog. His passionate collectors span the globe.
Meet the artist & view one of the largest selections of his artwork Friday, February 16 through Sunday, February 18, 2018. Tim will personally engrave all new artwork purchases at the show. RSVP online now or call 305-292-9339 and for times to meet Tim Cotterill, The Frogman at Key West Gallery.
Spot On
Edition Size: 1000
7.25″ x 4.5″ x 3.75″
or call 305-292-9339 to order by phone.
Edition Size: 300
4″ L x 4″ W x 22.5″ H
(Owl dimensions 4″L x 3.5″W x 7″H)
or call 305-292-9339 to order by phone.
A studious and quite observant owl perches firmly atop a classically-inspired obelisk. Napoleon, Tim Cotterill’s newest addition to his parliament, sports a speckled bronze patina, seamlessly transitioning to burnished rust tones. Napoleon – perhaps perusing his troops?
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Meet World- Famous Artist Bill Mack at Key West Gallery During Fantasy Fest

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World- renowned Artist Bill Mack will be making a series of in-gallery appearances at Key West gallery October 25th through October 28th, 2017.

For over twenty years, Mack paid his dues, working mostly as a commissioned artist — from miniature medallic works such as the Bicentennial medals for the State of Minnesota and the cities of St. Louis and Baltimore, to reliefs and full-round sculptures for corporations such as General Motors, Pillsbury, and 3M. Then, in the early 1980’s, Mack made a venturous artistic move and entered the competitive gallery world with his Alto Relief’ sculptures. Today, in the popular contemporary arts, he has developed a major following.

He made a spectacular debut in New York and, in a remarkably short time for a contemporary artist, Mack has achieved worldwide acceptance. He has had exhibitions in galleries from New York City to Beverly Hills, and from Tokyo to Frankfurt. His work is in the collections of President Clinton and former Presidents Ford and Reagan – Actors and renowned art aficionados, Sylvester Stallone, Elizabeth Taylor, and Tony Curtis – International business leaders Mrs. Yaeko Shiotsuki, Hermann Schnabel, and Irwin Jacobs – and celebrities as diverse as Kenny Rogers, comic Howie Mandel, and record producer Jimmy “Jam” Harris. His piece entitled “Lady” is part of the permanent collection of the Statue of Liberty National Monument on Liberty Island. His sculpture of basketball great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar hangs in the entry of the NBA Hall of Fame, and he has also created sculptures that are under consideration for installation in the International Tennis Hall of Fame (Arthur Ashe), the American and Canadian Hockey Halls of Fame (Hobey Baker), his sculpture of Lyle Alzado is in the collection of the NFL Hall of Fame, and a sculpture of Peggy Fleming is on permanent display at the United States Figure Skating Hall of Fame.  

Celebrity Artist Adam Scott Rote to Appear at Exhibition

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Media Inquiries & Interviews with Adam Scott Rote Available Upon Request

Allison Zucker-Perelman


FOR PRESS ASSETS:  CLICK HERE   High Resolution Imagery & Additional Bio Assets

For Immediate Release:  October, 2017:  Celebrity Artist Adam Scott Rote will be making a series of in-gallery appearances at Key West gallery: Key West’s premier Fine Art Gallery October 20th through October 25th, 2017.   Kellie Albert, gallerist extraordinaire and resident, remarked “We are committed to continuing our mission of bringing the finest in artistic and cultural presentations to our beloved Key West….Nothing…will ever change that.  We just come back…..stronger.”

The Artist will present his latest works, and premiere his Playboy Series:  this is a do not miss exhibition.



 Adam Scott Rote is an award -winning painter whose work throughout the last decade has been influenced by architecture, fashion and classic cinema. Adam is a self- taught artist who studied early iconic artists including pinup legends Vargas and McGinnis as well as master realist painter Charles Bell, Hyper-realist painter Hajime Sorayama, who set the stage for the elegant and breath-taking style of his paintings. By utilizing acrylic paint, gouache, airbrush and watercolor pencils in unison with a brilliant emphasis on high contrast, Adam brings to life images of the past with an ultramodern feel. His dynamic subjects and signature transparent technique have earned him a loyal following of collectors, including Academy Award winners, actors, and singers. Adam’s paintings have also been featured in books, magazines, movies, and television.

For all Media Inquiries & Requests:

Allison Zucker-Perelman


Gallery Irma Update

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For those of you who found yourselves in the path of Irma or Harvey we hope you and your loved ones are safe.
Key West Gallery made it through Irma just fine and our VIP extravaganza this weekend in Minneapolis, MN is still on along with all of our other scheduled events including Fantasy Fest!
We look forward to seeing many of you! If you hadn’t planned on coming, you can still RSVP and join the fun. Again, all of our other events including our Fantasy Fest Show and Parade Viewing VIP party are still happening. We have even added a New Year’s Eve event!
We’d love for you to join us for as many of these incredible chances to meet our world-renowned artist and see the largest collections of their available works available for private collection.  You can find a complete list of upcoming events on our Events page on our website
If you’ve been to Camelot before you know it’s an incredible weekend that you do not want to miss. If you have not been able to join us before, believe us when we say it is an experience you will remember forever.
Spend time getting to know Bill Mack and Gary Welton, while enjoying a behind the scenes studio tour, a painting demonstration, new artwork releases by Bill Mack, Gary Welton and Jillian Lee, fine dining, and limousine transportation.
It is a truly unique and exclusive collecting experience. Please call today to RSVP at 305-923-1696.
Remember you can always find the largest selection of artwork at and we pack, ship, and insure artwork complimentary.

New Frogman Bronze Cockatoo Sculpture: Caruso

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Bronze Cockatoo
Edition Size 350
SRP $1,330
12″L X 4.5″W X 7.5″H

Caruso, the first of his species to join the Cotterill Aviary, is a decidedly confident, yet curious cockatoo. Sporting a marbled, silver nitrate patina, complemented by his burnished crest and polished beak, Caruso is a character certain to command the attention he seeks. As always, the early bird gets the worm, so don’t miss out on Caruso, before he flies to coop!

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New Artist Alert: Justin Gaffrey

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Justin Gaffrey original artwork is now available at Key West Gallery. Justin Gaffrey was born in 1970 in Red Bank, New Jersey. His family moved here to Walton County Florida in 1980 when Justin was 10 years old. In his adult life he worked in furniture design and the culinary arts. Justin eventually went on to open his own restaurant, “Café Sublime,” in Gulf Place where he served as both owner and head chef. In 2001 Justin decided that the long hours and stress of being a restaurateur were no longer sustainable. He decided to sell his business and in the meantime find something to make a living where he could still work with his hands, be creative, make himself happy, and make others happy. Justin remembered the joy he found painting, finishing, and designing furniture. Justin simply got some paint and began painting everyday. His earliest works were very flat and executed in a folk art style reminiscent of Grandma Moses and Rev. Howard Finster. Justin recalls local 30A folk artist Woodie Long as being an influence on his earlier works. Many subjects of Justin’s early work were figurative and influenced by the New Orleans Voo-Doo culture. Free from the responsibilities of owning a restaurant, Justin began traveling. It was during Justin’s travels that he discovered the work of Van Gogh. Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and “Sunflowers” struck a chord with him. Justin was in awe of Van Gogh’s use of thousands of tiny brush strokes, built in layers, to create the complete composition. Justin could relate this style to his experience as a chef where he used several different herbs, spices, vegetables, and proteins to make a complete and delicious experience. When Justin returned from his travels he applied what he had learned from Van Gogh to his own work. He began his interpretation of Sunflowers using a palette knife. He mixed latex house paint with latex caulk. This allowed Justin to stack many layers of thick paint to create a heavily textured style. He later switched to heavy bodied artists acrylics that he still uses today. Justin has been working as a professional artist since 2001. All of Justin’s work is inspired partially by nature and mostly by human nature and life experience. The underlying motif of Justin’s work is the connection of all things through nature, shared experiences, and the passion to create and learn new things. Justin’s drive to create and learn through his work makes for a very diverse body of creations. Justin’s collectors span from Norway to Australia, Ireland, and all over the United States. His work has been featured in publications such as Southern Living, Florida Digest, and Better Homes & Gardens. Justin has toured all over the country with his work and has had museum and gallery shows in New York, Miami, Nashville, New Orleans, and Richmond, Va.

Introducing Keiki by Artist Chris Barela

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Available in Four Colors
Edition Size 500
1″L X 3″W X 2.5″H

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