Marty Goldstein, a native Californian, spent his childhood in San Diego with one brother and two Irish Setters, and that is where our story begins.

Many years later when Marty retired from the rigors of his corporate life, he rediscovered his passion for art. After taking numerous classes, this artist found himself eager to create a series of whimsical bronze "Harvey Dogs" which he enjoys sharing with anyone who loves animals or simply delights in beginning each day with a smile or a chuckle.

Harvey Dogs have found homes in Europe and Asia and throughout the United States and Canada. To date, this charming collection has grown into a series of approximately 100 bronzes, all limited editions. Although whimsical Harvey Dogs are his forte, Marty also has created many look-alike special breeds as commissions for clients, one of which rests on the counter of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library in Hyde Park, New York, a tribute to Fala, FDR's beloved Scottie.