Artist Roxy Sora arrived in Florida from Cuba when she was just 8 years old through the Pedro Pan mission that brought more than 14,000 children to the U.S. ahead of their parents. When her parents did arrive and they were reunited, she started honing her love for art.

Throughout my life I have always been attracted to bright, lively colors, in nature or other surroundings. Color was such an important part of how I experienced life that as a child it was an outlet with which I expressed my emotions. I now have the opportunity to communicate my experience of color through the lens of my camera or the strokes of my brush, sharing with the viewer my feelings of wonder and awe.

One of the things I enjoy most is how children are attracted to my work; they are fascinated by the vivid colors and share in my feelings of excitement the work inspires. My hope is that by bringing my work to you, I can inspire the same excitement and joy in your life. Helping you capture the experience of Emotion through Colors.

– Roxy Sora, Gallery Artist