Fine Art Therapy Virtual Thomas Arvid Exhibition Part 3 - Limited Editions and Artist Proofs


In addition to his original paintings and unique mixed media paintings Thomas Arvid hand-selects certain original paintings to create small limited edition portfolios.
The pricing when the editions are first released is the lowest you will see and as the edition sells out, the pricing will go up so this is why you will see different price points within the Limited Edition and Artist Proof portfolio.
Limited Edition Giclee prints on canvas are the foundation of Arvid’s Limited Edition Program. A giclee is an archival fine art reproduction 
The Limited Editions on Canvas captures the subtlety and of his original paintings and are incredibly sharp and accurate reproductions of his originals.
Arvid offers some Signed and Numbered Limited Editions on archival fine-art paper and represent originals that were painted on paper, primarily using watercolor. For the Hand-Embellished Artist Proof Limited Editions Arvid scrutinizes the image on canvas to identify areas where the color can be enhanced with paints to offer an even better representation of the original.
These areas are hand painted to add more nuance to fully represent the deep palette of the original. Texture and subtle sheen are applied to the whole piece in order to show the texture of the brushstrokes in the original.
The artist proofs are the closest representation of Arvid’s originals in the limited edition program. 
In recent years Arvid has also begun to create small editions of Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Sublimations on Metal which can be hung on boats or in your outdoor entertaining spaces.
The sublimations on metal can also be hung indoors.The limited editions on metal have a more crisp modern look and the limited editions on canvas have a softer, more traditional feel.
Prices listed here and in the Virtual Exhibition are for a flat canvas/metal. We can gallery wrap or frame your artwork if you would like, please inquire for pricing or you may use a framer local to you if you prefer.
We will crate, ship and insure the artwork complimentary anywhere in the USA. We also offer international shipping.
We offer up to 18 months interest free, $0 down and 0%.
If you have any questions or see something that catches your eye give us a call at 305-292-9339 or email

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