Mario Original Oil Paintings



Myung "Mario" Jung was born in Seoul, South Korea on September 14, 1949
His life changed dramatically when he was paralyzed, blinded and deafened as side effects from a catastrophic, third-story, balcony fall.
Not even interested in food, Mario was giving up until he had a spiritual dream that renewed his strength and his will to live. Leaving doctors, family, and friends amazed and perplexed, Mario recovered completely and has since meticulously developed his flexible artistic style.
Mario has been a member of the Seoul Artist Association for more than 30 years and has received Grand Prize honors in the category of Western Art from the association's Exhibition of Fine Artists. His collectors reach around the world and his personal dreams are being fulfilled one painting at a time.
The selection of Mario Original Oils shown are available to ship from the gallery right away.
Mario is also an incredible commission artist who can paint an original piece in exactly the right size and composition if you see a style of his work that you love, but it is not just right for your space. Please call or email us to discuss your ideas and we can provide you with a custom quote.
We will pack, ship, and insure the artwork to you complimentary anywhere in the USA and we offer international shipping as well.

Ruby Red
Original Painting
48 x 36 in

Sunny and Bright
Original Oil Painting
48 x 36 in

To Infinity
Original Oil Painting
16 x 12 in

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