New Arcade LaTour Original Paintings Available


New arcade latour original paintings available now

Born on June 5, 1950, Arcade Latour discovered inks from an early age and held a first exhibition in 1965. His passion for communication and creative expression led him to graphic arts, technical design and publishing. In 1984, he was selected to design the Popemobile for pope John Paul II’s visit to Canada. In this digital age and era of virtual reality, artist Arcade Latouroffers intriguing works of intense colour created through the use of the age-old medium that is printer’s ink.

Latour discovered this medium and its potential while still a teenager. Fascinated by the intensity of the colours and the density of its texture, he made it his passion to explore and master its possibilities. An accomplished graphic artist, Arcade Latour lays on canvas an entire universe of forms and colours that eventually gain a raised texture and relief.

His paintings, initially perceived as a comprehensive and captivating ensemble, soon reveal projections and ledges that unveil fascinating details.The selection of Arcade LaTour Oils shown are available to ship from the gallery right away.  We will pack, ship, and insure the artwork to you complimentary anywhere in the USA and we offer international shipping as well.


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