Apollinaire "Woman at the Fountain" ETCHING

Apollinaire "Woman at the Fountain" ETCHING

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Salvador Dali

Apollinaire "Woman at the Fountain"
38 x 28 cm

Secret Poems By Apollinaire 

Dali’s initial plan was to illustrate a number of songs by Georges Brassens, shown with  his guitar on the first etchings, singing the feminine body. However, the singer’s agent  recommended so many changes, that Dali shifted themes, and turned “The Trenches” into a military ground, where time seems at a standstill, like a “Soft Watch” rock. Seeing in the plates a correlation with the 1914-1918 war, Pierre Argillet suggested that  Dali illustrate instead the “Secret Poems” by Apollinaire. From then on, the series took a  more unconventional, more Surrealist turn, with compositions like “Woman with Snail”,  “Woman at Fountain” covered by giant ants, and “The Drawers”, who ends up devouring  his guitar. 

Suite of 18 original etchings reworked in drypoint of which 10 are 15 x 11 inches and  8 are vignettes. Published in 1967.

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