Mythology "Medusa"

Mythology "Medusa"

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Salvador Dali

Mythology "Medusa"
56 x 76 cm


Dali illustrated Mythology by drawing very closely upon the symbolism of the  ancient Greek legends. Using what he called “hasard objectif ”(the meaningful  manifestation of chance), he would often start with an abstract smudge, created in  a single motion, and he developed his theme from this sign of Fate, like the Pythia  of Delphi who interpreted the Oracle from the smoke coming out of the cave. This  is particularly noticeable in his etchings entitled: “OEdipus and Sphinx”, “Theseus  and Minotaurus”, “Jupiter”, “Pegasus”, and “The Milky Way”. 

When Dali worked on these plates, he experimented with all kinds of unusual tools  like chisels, nails or wheels for the “Birth of Venus”, even a real octopus immersed  in acid, which left its imprint on his “Medusa”.

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