D. Arthur

Embarking in the fourth decade on his artistic journey, D. Arthur Wilson constantly marvels at the adventure his life has become. Born and raised near Dayton, Ohio and the son of an artist, his self-taught career began at the tender age of three with his first painting. It is appropriate to assume that the wild heart of the artist wandered throughout a series of artistic styles before settling with his passion and self-defined style of “Wild Expressionism”.

Moving from coast to coast as a quick sketch portrait artist allowed Wilson to explore the people and places that would eventually lead him to that first painting in his definitive style: the inaugural tiger, up close and personal that sold while on the easel before its completion. Since then, Wilson has created thousands of originals that capture the souls of the exotic, alluring beasts. Rendered on European Suede Mat Board with specific application of pastel, Conte’ crayon and charcoal, each is a masterpiece for generations to appreciate.