Norma Jean Marilyn - Original Hollywood Sign

Norma Jean Marilyn - Original Hollywood Sign

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Bill Mack

Original Hollywood Sign on Metal

The Original Hollywood Sign was placed in a storage facility after it was taken down. No one was aware that the company hired to remove the sign had understood its historical significance and elected to store it rather than dispose of it as was planned. The sign remained in storage until it was purchased by noted collector of rare and unusual memorabilia and renowned artist, Bill Mack, in 2007.

The artist intends to use the metal facing from the sign as his canvas on which he will paint the likenesses of the great “movie stars” from the Golden Years of Hollywood. It is this metal that was revered by all the young actors and actresses that climbed Mount Lee to touch it and have pictures taken with it for luck and as a rite of passage into their new professions. And, it is this metal that will bring life to the legendary images that Bill Mack paints on it.

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