Ronsard "Bicephalous"

Ronsard "Bicephalous"

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Salvador Dali

Ronsard "Bicephalous"
38 x 28 cm

Les Amours De Cassandre 

In his rendition of “Les Amours de Cassandre” by Ronsard, Dali illustrates the  favorite themes of the famous poet and humanist from the French Renaissance. His  wonderful portrait of Ronsard, wearing a toga and a wreath of laurel, is a humorous  reminder of the “Carpe diem” of Epicurus. Love, Death and the passing of time,  expressed with much refinement and harmony in their association with the cycles  of nature, remind us of our vulnerability as mortal beings. In “L‘Art Poétique”,  Ronsard compared poetry with painting: “The ear is the judge of the structure of  verse, while the eye is the judge of brushtrokes”. Intuitively, he had opened the way  to a dalinian interpretation. 

Suite of 18 original etchings, some reworked in drypoint, of which 10 are 15 x 11  inches and 8 are vignettes, published in 1968.

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