Surrealistic Bullfight "Bullfight with Statue"

Surrealistic Bullfight "Bullfight with Statue"

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Salvador Dali

Surrealistic Bullfight "Bullfight with Statue"
50 x 66 cm

Surrealistic Bullfight 

Inspired from Picasso’s “Tauromachie”, these etchings epitomize Dali’s style with  their burlesque touches. Bishops are seen blessing macabre parades, where the bull  ends up in a grand piano, while a hallucinogenic matador, like a sad clown, gazes  at the audience. Parrots and fish turn into toreadors, while a burning giraffe, a lion  or a statue stand in the arena. Lastly, a huge monster coming out of a television set  devours the whole scene. A catalan theme revisited by Picasso, then “dalinized”, the  “Surrealist Bullfight” is seen as a ghoulish, delirious farce. 

Suite of 7 original etchings reworked in drypoint, and-colored. Published in  1966-1967. 20 x 26 inches. I – C on Japanese paper, 1 – 150 on Arches teinte

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