The Hippies "Woman with Cushion"

The Hippies "Woman with Cushion"

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Salvador Dali

The Hippies "Woman with Cushion"
66 x 50 cm

Hand Colored Etching, Drypoint.

The Hippies. 1969-1970, Edition XXVII/C


In 1969, Pierre Argillet came back from India with many photographs, which Dali used as  groundwork to create his series entitled “Les Hippies”, his own interpretation of the “Love  and Peace” years. The etchings reveal the superb, spontaneous and consummate technique  

of the artist at the peak of his maturity. Outlandish, surrealist characters or situations  appear through intricate whirls or golden halos. 

Suite of 11 original drypoint etchings published in 1969 – 1970. 25 x 20 inches.  Noted 1- 145 on Arches, hand-colored and I – C on Japanese paper, hand-colored

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