Artist Bill Mack’s appreciation of both art and entertainment artifacts inspired him to acquire the Original Hollywood Sign. Mack uses the metal façade of the Sign as a canvas on which he paints portraits of illustrious movie stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood. According to Mack, the 90-year-old material, “gives each painting a heartbeat, a sense of the time and place where the Hollywood Legends he paints on it paid homage to the “word for dreams”, The Hollywood Sign.

This is some of the most collectible artwork available anywhere as it is a finite material. There is always more canvas or paper for an artist to work with. In this case, when the Original Hollywood Sign metal is gone- it's gone. On top of owning a piece of artwork by one of the most famous artists of our time, the collector also owns a piece of history - the Original Hollywood Sign. The combination is incredible and the first time something of this nature has been done.

Through this project, Bill Mack has introduced a new and unique concept to the art world, and at the same time, he is sharing and perpetuating the history of Hollywood and The Original Hollywood Sign.